There are a lot of people who say, ‘Yeah yeah, I’m a feminist,’ and they’re not, actually. I wouldn’t want to throw that word around, because it’s a very strong thing.

Max Irons + best photoshoots

Saoirse Ronan for Wonderland Magazine, 2014

[I think] you should be able to wear whatever you want, instead of sticking to the roads of the red carpet which a lot of people do. It’s quite boring. If you want to wear an anorak over a dress, why not?

Max Irons for ELLE UK 2014

Max Irons for ELLE UK 2014

Jake Abel, with Ethan Hawke and Andrew Niccol, for The Hollywood Reporter.

Max Irons at ‘The Riot Club’ Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Jake Abel at the premiere of ‘Good Kill’, Toronto film festival.